How does it work?

A revolutionary new way of providing users with the most limited, sought after items for retail price.

Drops happen WEEKLY providing you with sold-out, hyped brands for their original retail price! 
    • Cheap, fast next day shipping on all in-hand items
    • Absolutely no bots. Ever. -> Learn More
    • All items are 100% authentic and DSWT (brand new)
SUPREME, OFF WHITE x Nike, Travis Scott, YEEZYS, JORDANS, ASSC, BAPE all for RETAIL (with more to come)

NOTE: we are not authorised distributors of any of these brands nor representatives of them or associated with them in any way.
Memberships are currently only $30/month (aud). This price WILL RISE very soon so subscribe now to pay this one low price always.

No lock-in contract. Cancel anytime.

How do I purchase a membership?

In order to ensure that all members have the chance to cop, we keep our memberships very limited with restocks happening only a couple of times per year!

Click here to get notified of our next restock for your best chance to cop a membership

A membership is mandatory to cop! 

What about bots?

Only manual users cook.

The password page ensures only humans are able to access the site come drop time with a password posted on our Instagram story @drops.au

Dummy products are loaded on our site designed specifically to capture bots and if purchased, their cost will not be refunded.

The most hyped items each week are raffled off with a limit of one item per product per person to ensure that a bot would provide no advantage over manual users.

Google's latest reCaptcha technology is used to track mouse and keyboard activity and checkouts suspected to be automated will be immediately cancelled and the product restocked.

Memberships are limited enough that our team can go through each and every order and cancel any orders not placed by a human.

If you attempt to use a bot you WILL be banned immediately, your order will be cancelled and your membership cost for the month will not be refunded.

When are the retail drops?

Drops happen weekly on Saturday at 5pm AEDT

WA 2pm

NT 3:30pm

QLD 4pm

SA 4:30pm

VIC / NSW / TAS / ACT 5pm

New Zealand 7pm

How do the retail drops work?

Before the drop happens, the page will be password protected, and at 5pm AEDT the password will be released on our Instagram story @drops.au

Enter the password to gain access to the site and make sure you are logged in to your account before purchasing items.

To make it more fair there is a limit of one item per cart, but you can check out as many items as you wish.

To make sure all members have the chance to cop, the most hyped item each week is randomly allocated. There will be 25 free raffle tickets for each item loaded on the site and the winner will have the opportunity to purchase that item for retail price. You are allowed one raffle ticket per item. 

How is retail price calculated?

We don't use the StockX retail price for any of our items. For items that release in Australia (ie. almost all sneakers) we charge the AU retail price. For items that didn't release in Australia we charge the retail price of the region in which the item was purchased + GST (eg. our supreme comes from the EU).

What conditions are the items in?

All items are brand new (deadstock) with original tags and packaging.

Are the items authentic?

All items are 100% authentic guaranteed. We do not deal with fakes or unauthorised authentics or whatever other bs name you want to make up for them.

Why was I refunded?

We detected you trying to use a bot or you purchased more than one item per cart (1 item per cart  to keep it fair) and one raffle ticket per person.

Why was I banned?

You were being disrespectful to our team/ our customers or were attempting to use a bot.

Why are there transaction fees?

Shopify charges 1% of every transaction and our two payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) charge 1.75% and 2.6% respectively. This brings us to an average of 3.5% when accounting for GST on fees.

For further questions, contact @drops.au on Instagram
Our policies can be found here